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•  Master of Entertainment Technology : Carnegie Mellon University, May 2007.
MET is a unique 2 years masters program that combines art and technology to create entertainment experiences for real-world projects

•  Bachelor Of Computer Engineering : Gujarat University, India, May 2003.
B.E. (Computers) is a rigorous 4-year program which focuses on both the hardware and software aspects of computers



•  Cordy, SilverTree Media LLC, Fall 2009
Created gameplay in C#, using Unity 3D game engine

•  Spore 2D, SilverTree Media LLC, Summer 2009
Worked as the client architect and flash engineer on the 2D version of Spore's creature creator. I was responsible for the build process, performance, rendering and physics in this game.

•  PixieHollow, SilverTree Media LLC, 2008-2009
Created framework and gameplay for this web-based MMO, as a flash/web engineer. I was responsible for the avatar system, meadow rendering, chat and notification system and the mini-game framework.

•  Polarity, Carnegie Mellon University, Spring 2007
I scripted tools, game-play code and UI design code in Python with Panda 3D as the game engine. This independent game became an IGF Student showcase winner at IGF 2008 and also a finalist for Wizard of the Coast's Gleemie IGF Strategy Award.

•  Northrop Grumman Virtual Experience , Carnegie Mellon University, Fall 2006
I scripted the entire Flash/Actionscript project to create a virtual experience where the user could browse through a wide range of Northrop-Grumman products & interact with them from an engineer's perspective.

•  Procedural Simulations : Carnegie Mellon University, Fall 2006
I created simulations and visual effects (such as those of fluids, cloth and clouds), optimized for usage in games, using C++ and OpenGL

•  Panda 3D Engine Development : Carnegie Mellon University, Spring 2006
I worked as a lead graphics programmer on Disney's Panda 3D engine to create programmable hardware shaders in Cg, experimenting mostly with cartoon effects.

•  Building Virtual Worlds: Carnegie Mellon University, Fall 2005
Worked as a programmer and modeler for this first semester course at CMU, where students from diverse skill-sets come together to work in teams to produce strong entertainment-focused experiences in durations of 2 weeks.


•  SilverTree Media LLC, June 2007 - Present
Over the last 3 years,my major public projects include Disney's PixieHollow, EA's Spore2D and our internal IP: Cordy.

•  DreamWorks SKG, Summer 2006
I worked on Kung-Fu Panda [2008] as a summer technical director, creating tools to speed up motion blur calculations for internal rendering pipeline

•  Tata Consultancy Services , July 2003 August 2005
I worked as a Systems Engineer, creating J2EE and Oracle based internal web-applications for GE Healthcare

•  Indian Space Research Organization , spring and summer 2003
As my final year engineering project I researched image restoration, evaluation and signal processing for satellite imagery.

Expertise in Flash/Flex and Python. Good knowledge of C++ / C# / C. Well-versed with 3D Graphics, web-apps and database.