Spore 2D - a 2D version of the creature creator from the Spore game.

PixieHollow - a Disney MMO for girls, based on the populat tinkerbell franchise

Cordy - platformer game made with Unity3D game engine.

Polarity - (IGF Student Showcase Winner) Puzzle based platformer game on the concept of magnetism

Fluid Sim - 2D Real-time fluid simulation in OpenGL and C++

Cloth Sim - Real-time cloth simulation based on the verlet system

Real Time GFX - Programmable Cg hardware shaders implemented with OpenGL

Rag Doll - Real-time rag doll physics system

Terrain Editor - OpenGL based terrain editor. imports and exports obj/height maps

Photon Mapping - Implemented the code for shooting and tracing photons to calculate global illumination

Image Restoration - Researched image restoration, evaluation and signal processing for satellite imagery

Virtual Worlds - This is a first semester course where students produce strong entertainment focused experiences

TrueShare - Real-time stock portfolio manager